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The Tribal Vibe

Summer Festival 2024

Rediscover Eden

7 - 14 July

The Tribal Vibe Summer Festival 2024

- tantra the tribal way

The Tribal Vibe Summer Festival is an intimate, annual tribal event. We are much more than a "tantra festival"; we emphasize on the "tribal" experience and on providing tools for all of us to relate authentically and fro the heart.

You will held by us, your tribe, even when you work on a very personal level.

Our mission is to provide new and experienced tribers a safe home inside a strong tribe with a healthy boundary culture keept alive by the mandatory entry worksop "Getting the Vibe". You will aldo be part of a small family clan,  with connection every day.

We want for you to be able to investigate/expand/connect relate to others and to life on this Earth in a saoft and safe cocoon of love and authentic relating.

With a wide variety of +55 workshops to we provide the tribe with multiple aspects of the annual theme "Rediscover Eden", and to have choices of various levels of intensity/complexity each day.

This way you can participate in workshops that suit you, whether your energy on a specific day may be high or low, whether you feel like connecting to others or want to have experiences on your own.

This year we will gather approximately 150 souls at “Himmelbjerggaarden” in Jutland, Denmark.

You can experience workshops in:

  • Tantra & tantric living
  • Shadow work
  • Inner child 
  • Kundalini awakening 
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Breathwork
  • Ecstatic Dance & movement
  • Erotic blueprint
  • Subconscious / Super-conscious
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Tantra massage & sensual touch
  • Emotional release tools 
  • Boundaries / Wheel of Consent
  • Shibari (rope)
  • Body awareness and acceptance
  • Authentic Relating (ART)
  • Couples emotional & sexual intimacy 
  • Masculin/Feminin work
  • Contact impro
  • Sacred Gardening - Better trace

  • and more...


The Tribal Vibe

We come together as a community - everybody brings important pieces to the creation of The Tribal Vibe Summer Festival.

The Organizing Team bring structure, working all year around to create the foundation,

while the Facilitators bring the the exciting and deep content for all to experience and grow from..

The Volunteers work smoothly in venues, kitchen & cafe taking care of our food and nurture...

Participants bring their hopes and dreams, their bodies and minds, their emotions, their light as well as their shadows...

- and everybody brings so much LOVE, care and respect for each other.

"Nowhere, NO where have I experienced that true tribe feeling - even when we meet after one year. Exceptional!"

Peter, participant

"The level of it all! How can the team be both so super-professional and so chill, having fun and being down to earth at the same time?"

L, volunteer

"I have never attended anything like this in my life... You spoke with such calmness and assuredness that really helped me to step out of my comfort zone and experience connections with humans I have never tried before"

G, participant