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An intimate weekend of an especially sensual, soft and devotional kind

27-29 January & 17-19 March


The Cave of Devotion

This weekend we will be nesting very closely together, enjoying a very intime space for a limited number of fellow tribers - new and old friends.

We'll explore what it means to connect to devotion on a deep level. We will connect through our own bodies as well as with each other inside the comfort of a tribe.

We'll be aiming for full devotion in all our intentions and actions.

We'll be exploring inner space and pleasures e.g. through the ancient Tandava massage, meditations, dance and play.

We will be nourishing ourselves with nature, spa, movement, good food and the company of each other and connecting through sharings and touch.

We will activate the body, the heart & our senses, have sharings in clans every day, eyegaze, dance, take in nature on (silent) walks, engage in energy work, self explorations & reflexions, rituals, bonfires - and best of all - we will BE together.

We seek to create a safe container - a cave-like experience - for us to dive deeper into the work from the first day.

We want to give the tribe the opportunity of a deeper experience of fellowship, sacred touch and the feeling of being part of a community where we all want to relate authentically and from the heart.

This is the intimate Dark edition with a limited number of participants.

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What is included in the ticket?

All meals, workshops and basic accommodation* are included in the ticket. For your convenience, choose between these additional accommodation options: dormitory, a bed in double or single room.

Price range:
Ordinary ticket price: from 3500 dkk

Add-ons (Tilkøb): beds in double, single or quadruple room (*basic accommodation includes a mattress on the floor in the yoga sala).


We will be gathering in Fyrregaarden in by the sea in Odsherred, Northern Zealand, Denmark (one hour from Copenhagen).

Matolievej 14




The workshops will be facilitated by our Organizing Team

Winter is Coming...

- welcome to the nourishing warmth of the tribe!

In The Dark Retreat 27-29 January & 17-19 March



9.00 - 10.00 Check-in

10.00 Welcome to the Cave

11.00 Silent Devotion Beach Walk

11.45 Clan meetings

13.00 Lunch

14.30 Spa opens

15.30 Coffee + Cake Break

16.30 Meditation / Prayer/ Spa open

18.30 Dinner

20:00 Workshop: Move into connection

21.30 Pause/Dancing

22.00 Closing Circle:

23.30 Lights out


8:30 Smoothies & Coffee

9:00 Clan meetings

10:00 Brunch

12:00 Workshop: Awakening the Senses

13:30 Trance dance

14.00 Coffee + cake break

14:30 Spa opens

15.30 Meditation / Prayer/Spa open

18.00 Dinner

OBS: Dress in ceremonial white at tonights workshop

19:30 Workshop: Tandava Devotion & Touch

22:00 Dance with Devotion

22:30 Break

22.45 Closing Circle


8:30 Smoothies & Coffee

9:00 Clan Meetings

10:00 Brunch

12:00 Circle

12.45 Workshop: Devotion as healing

13.30 Goodbye in circle

14:00 Goodbye Meal