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- The Sacred Union

8 - 15 July


The Sacred Union

The Tribal Vibe Summer Festival for personal and relational development is back for the 4th Summer. Join new and old friends for a retreat-festival filled with fun, exciting, sweet experiences and allow yourself to be in love with life.

We create a safe container for exploration, embodiment and connection. The theme for Summer Festival 2023 is “The Sacred Union”. The workshops will help us investigate and play with creating unions between polarities within ourselves, between us and in the surrounding World.

Come live, play, love and grow with us! The Tribal Vibe Summer Festival is a workshop festival for personal development and relational growth. You can find workshops from authentic relating, meditation, massage & touch, breath work, tantra, polarity, Feminin/Maculin, energy work, emotional release, dance, yoga, art and much much more. The theme for the festival this summer of 2023 is The Sacred Union.

The Tribal Vibe Community. For a period of 5-7 days you are invited to join us at Himmelbjerggården, where The Tribal Vibe will gather for yet another golden Summer Festival. We create a small, safe community where you can nurture body, mind and soul through the care and support off the whole tribe and the little clan that you will be part of.

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Summer Festival 2023 - THE SACRED UNION
Choose from numerous beautiful, juicy and powerful workshops from early morning until late at night. Or choose to opt out and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding woods and lakes, chill at the cafe in the parc area alone or in the good company of fellow tribers.

Enjoy caring and competent guidance from international and Danish facilitators when they present their fun, exciting, moving, sensual, energetic deep, inviting, educational, surpricing, provocative, gentle, relaxing and heart- and soul expanding workshops, rituals and ceremonies through-out the festival.

You also have the option to buy individual sessions with some of the facilitators. You can experience body work, breath work, trauma/rebirthing therapy etc. You will also be able to create or buy your own jewelry, drums, masks etc.

The Tribal Vibe is a safe haven. In order to get into the festival everybody at the festival - participants, volunteers and facilitators must attend the mandatory entry workshop "Getting the Vibe". This workshop is a jewelry box of essential tools that will keep you and the tribe safe when we interact with eachother. "Getting the Vibe" aims to sharpen your sense of self and how to communicate wants, needs and strong, healthy boundaries.

Enjoy delicious vegetarian/vegan food. Three savory meals a day are included in the ticket. We choose our chefs with great care because we adore heavenly made food and we want the meals to nurture and keep our bodies strong, seduce all our senses and speak to the soul.

The Cafe "Under Linden". The cafe is one of the most important hubs of the festival. Here you can enjoy delicious coffee and teas, taste mouth-watering, mostly eco-vegan, delights - both savory and sweet. You can enjoy the lovely ambience, lounge music, chill in the grass, engage in conversations, a board game or enjoy the swing... or maybe a little dance with new or old friends?

The ticket includes all workshops, meals and a space for a tent + free parking. If you prefer to sleep in a bed, you have the choice of a bed in the dormitories or in a single or shared double room as an additional purchase when you buy your ticket.

The Venue will be in Himmelbjerggården in Jutland, in the breathtaking nature of the woods and hills on Himmelbjerget.

The address is Himmelbjergvej 11, 8680 Ry, Denmark

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