The Tribal Vibe: Workshops - Retreats - Festival




12.00  Arrival and check-in 

13.00  Tribal Circle Opening Himmelsalen (main building)

14.55  Nature walk Main Building

15.00  Bonfire & Bury your Weapons Ceremonies

15.20  Sauna ceremony / Loving Kindness workshop

17.15   Break

18.00 Dinner 

19.30  Playing with Love & Consent tools Himmelsalen

22.00 Tribal Circle

22.30 Goodnight - Dreamweaving

SATURDAY 26 All workshops in Himmelsalen

7.30   Morning Practice - Silent Walk

8.30   Breakfast 

10.00 Tribal Circle

11.00  Breathing Love 

14.15  Lunch

15.00  Silent Break: journal / nature walk / sauna

16.00  When the nervous system speaks softly

18.30  Dinner

19.30  Touched by Eros 

23.00 Tribal Circle

23.30  Goodnight - Dreamweaving

SUNDAY 27 All workshops in Himmelsalen

8.00  Morning Practice & sauna

9.00  Breakfast

10.00 Tribal Circle 

10.50 Forum Circle

12.00 Tandava - moved by life tantra

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Embody the Full Circle 

16.00 Goodbye - See you at

The Tribal Vibe Summer Festival 2022



25 - 27 February 2022

The Tribal Vibe is inviting  you in for a weekend in the dark winter of the soft, sensual and healing kind.

The theme for the weekend retreat is "Surrendering into Softness and Love".

We will be exploring what it means to surrender inside the comfort of a tribe.

Focus will be on comforting the nervous system, creating a safe nest for the tribe during the weekend and from this soft place venture into sensual heart expansion.

The workshops

We will be playing with tools from Wheel of Consent, sacred tantric touch, the secrets of tandava tantra, breathwork, smooth movements, activating all the senses, diving into sensual eye gazing, soft meditation & self inquiry, surrender to the magnificent nature on silent walks, engaging in orgasmic energy work, melting together in the sauna, healing rituals, enjoying bonfires and deep dream weaving.

New to The Trbal Vibe?

For some this retreat will be a re-visit to the cosy fairytale-like land of love, safe belonging and an occasion to deepen the connections to self, your clan and the whole tribe.

For others this could be the opportunity for a whole new beginning into fellowship, tantric methods such as sacred touch and energy work, and become part of a community where everybody  relate to eachother authentically and from the heart.


We will be gathering in Himmelbjerggården in Jutland, in the breathtaking  nature of the woods and hills on Himmelbjerget.


The workshops will be facilitated by our Inner Circle & Beatriz Fernandez (Spain) You can read about all the facilitators here

Winter is Coming...

- welcome to the nourishing warmth of the tribe!

What is included in the ticket?

All meals, workshops and basic accommodation * are included in the ticket.

For your convenience choose between these additional accommodation options: dormitory, a bed in double or single room.


Price range:
Ordinary ticket price: from 3400 dkk

Add-ons: double or single room + rent of bedlinen

(*basic accommodation includes *duvet, pillow & mattress on the floor)

Venue: Himmelbjerggården

Himmelbjergvej 11,

8680 Ry