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The Organizing Team anno 2024



In her work, Signe supports people in rediscovering their innate ability to enjoy life through deep connection with themselves and in their relations with others.

Full and deep presence in the present moment with the heart-opening acceptance of ALL our emotions and all your sensoric sensations is the golden  key to inner connectedness and peace of mind. Acceptence, connection and love are the supreme unifying forces in our relationship with others.

Her great passion is to find gateways to travel deeper into the open heart space through the body, where we meet the essence of ourselves, and into the relationship with each other, whether it happens in quiet, expanded consciousness or in sensual, explosive ecstasy.

Alongside her work as a couples therapist, sexologist and body therapist she facilitates workshops  exploring the many facets of tantra, relational authenticity & consent, mind-bodyfulness, meditation and self leadership.

In her Conscious Dating evenings she invites singles to date in a fun, heart connected and authentic way.

Signe V. Bentzen is the founder of The Tribal Vibe.


Beatriz is following her urge and passion to experience and embody her own essence in service to life she has been more than twenty years sharing her search for happiness and authentic living and loving, guiding hundreds of individuals and couples to meet, honor and enjoy their own nature and uniqueness, integrating shadow and light as a playful dance towards joy, presence and connection, opening the heart to live and love fully.

With empathy, passion, humor and relentless creativity she can make you go as deep and/or as high through yourself until you see the beauty and strength that lives within you, along with the endless possibilities to manifest your authentic loving, successful and powerful nature.

Along with her channeling abilities, her sessions, teachings and facilitations are based on Tantra, Rebirthing, Family Constellations, Consent, Reiki and Chinese Medicine, amongst other paths and tools.


Wies Heiner is Co-Founder of Be Touched Community. She hosts and facilitates workshops in the realms of Authentic Relating, Deep Human Connection and Intimacy. Together with her companion Nicole Caodie, they offer a safe haven where stories are shared, vulnerabilities are cherished and true connection can manifest.

Be Touched actively brings in collaborators to enable new methodologies on the paradigm of consciousness and intimacy, which involves creating arenas for embodiment, play and diving deeper into Sensuality and Sexuality.

Wies is known for her energy, endless curiosity and enthusiasm. As a facilitator she is appreciated for her capacity to hold space for many souls at once. Wies holds a big value for inclusivity and makes people feel at ease with her warm and playful personality, while being at the same time strong, stable and secure.

She's also Co-Founder of Connective Communication. By implementing Communication Tools, Creative Practices and Trust Games, they bring individuals within organisations to new levels of self awareness, heightening listening and conflict skills; so that the work environment can be a place of value, connection and respect.

TRINE HOLM - Denmark

Trine is currently taking a well deserved break and is looking forward to be joining the Summer Festival as a participant this year.

She has been in charge of the café for the past four years, including baking all the mouth watering cakes and treats. And due to her super power skills in and around the kitchen she has often been our coordinator for food and menus for our chefs, making sure the standard is super quality as well as having cooked on our some of our retreats as well. 

Trine is also the renowned owner of Fyrregaarden, a beautiful retreat center in Odsherred - The Tribal Vibe’s second home. We host many events at Fyrregaarden such as Tribal Vibe in the Dark, Couples Retreat, A Day with the Tribe, and Reunion Weekend. Many of our guest fascilitators also enjoy using Fyrregaarden for workshops and retreats on a regular basis.


Sarah is the Chief of volunteers. with her ability to organize, structure and create a safe, fun and nurturing environment around the kitchen, cafe and tech volunteers, she will be the bridge between the volunteers, organizing team, facilitators and participants. Her capacity to have a Birdseye perspective of the festival is of key value to keeping the backbone and the wheels of the festival spinning together with the rest of the organizing team. 

She is a free spirit and quite the explorer and seeker of truth. She is a traveler of an inner as well as an outer journey, that has brought an alternative way of life. She travels her van and explores minimalistic ways of living, with presence and connection as keywords. She enjoys to connect with likeminded souls, in silence, in presence and in humbleness to what the moments will bring. 

Bernhard Stæger - Denmark

Bernhard is our Chief of Camp.

Bernhard has a calm, pragmatic approach to deal with a variety of tasks related to the camp, venues, tech and much more. He will lead a small team of volunteers to make sure the practical surroundings are set up and supporting all the magic that we create together. 

He is also responsible for the fire related safety measures. 

Bernhard has a personal as well as a professional background to support the work with people, organizing and practical tasks.

He also has years of experience related to shamanistic practice and other forms of psychospiritual, personal and inner work.  

You will often find him carrying a serious yet playfull and sometimes selective energy, as he needs to prioritize what needs his attention at the moment.

TRINE HOLM - Cheif of Cafe

Trine is the chief of our Cafe and due to her super power skills in and around the kitchen she is also our pre-festival coordinator of the food and menues for our chefs and assisting cooks.

She is the fairy godmother when she whips up  the delicious sweet and savoury treats  that  you can buy in Summertime when you visit our cafe for a damn good cup of coffee, tea or eco sodapops.

She is also the renowned  owner and excellent cook of a beautiful retreat in Odsherred, Denmark where many of our facilitators come with workshops and retreats on a regular basis.

Join us for a golden summer with over 40 different workshops to choose from