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We are a community of passionate individuals who value expressing our deepest authenticity together in a safe and loving space. We strive to connect from a place of vulnerability, with clear boundaries and personal responsibility. A place for grown-up people.

A few times per year, we gather to celebrate life, joy, love, sexuality and healing. Together we try things out, we make mistakes, we support each other, we learn and we grow. Because the deeper we get to know ourselves, the more positive impact we can have on our lives,  families and communities.

Upcoming Events

A Day with the Tribe:

5 November 2023

The Tribal Vibe in the Dark: 22 - 24 March 2024

The Tribal Vibe Summer Festival: 7 - 14 July 2024

We are so proud and happy to announce

The Summer Festival Faculty

Anders Pousette, Denmark

Andrea Figueroa, Sweden

Beatriz Fernandéz, Spain

Brian Rasmussen, Denmark

Diana D. Diakova, Denmark

Elvis Pavlovic, Sweden

Maria Pavlovic, Sweden

Martin Heese, Denmark

Milan Shankara, France

Ronski Kosky, Canada/Estonia

Rune Koch, Denmark

Scarlett Zeman, Denmark

Signe V. Bentzen, Denmark

Wies Heiner, Holland

Reviews from Tribers


The facilitators are masters at creating a safe and a healing environment, and what happens afterwards is nothing less but magic. By getting in a close touch with my own essence, I could remember I have wings. For the rest of the days I practiced flying - through the wide range of authentic relating practices and embodying awareness workshops. Now I always look forward to come back - trust and dust off the wings even more

- Anna

Absolutely amazing festival. I was blown away in every way. This is what I have been longing for but didn't have words for. The connection, love, workshops, people and deep work within has been life changing for me. I now see life with different eyes and I am definitly coming back again.

- Semine

This festival is the best gift I have given to myself in many years…

The surroundings was amazing and the facilitators created a safe place to connect with others and to get deeper into my own self, it filled my heart and soul with love and good energy.

- Thomas

It’s magic! Experiencing this summer festival makes me wanna come again! Getting in touch with something intangible through the body.

It is a blend of deep transforming exepriences and joyous loving fun.

- Slavomir

This festival has changed my life. Empowering, educating, worldclass self-development, challenging, fun, erotic - and great food.

- Robert

The Organizing Team

Signe V. Bentzen, The Tribal Vibe

Signe V. Bentzen

Founder of The Tribal Vibe

Chief of Organizing Team


Elvis Pavlovic

Chief of EMO team


Brian Rasmussen

Chief of Camp


Maria Pavlovic

Chief of Volunteers


Trine Holm

Chief of Cafe

Andrea Figueroa

Chief of Website


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