The first The Tribal Vibe retreat was facilitated by Signe V. Bentzen in January 2016. It took place on the small island of Møn for a small group of seekers who were curious about tantric and shamanic teachings and other ways to expand everyday pleasure, personal development and the peace of mind that she travels the world to explore.

Among the original seekers was Steven Wensley. He quickly joined Signe with his poetic eye for sane madness and leadership and thus became co-founder. 

Since then The Tribal Vibe has grown into a large, but intimate community of good people, who come to our events as much for the fun, loving feeling of familiy and coming home to the safety of the tribe as the new, exciting experiences we offer.

Safety is queen and comfort is king when you are with us. Before setting off we make sure that everyone is familiar with the basic rules of engagement and of  how to respect and take of self and others. We refer to this as 'Getting the Vibe' a toolbox that we teach in the beginning of every big event. Thus, we provide you and your fellow tribers with a universal language for setting healthy boundaries and create safe, authentic interactions inside the tribe's activities. However, we are sure you will find that the toolbox is also extremely beneficial when you are back outside in the world.

When you become a Triber you are also invited into our private Facebook Community page "The Tribal Vibe Connection Group" where you can hang out with other Tribers, catch a ride to the next event, invite people to dinner, post something about your experiences etc.