When is the festival?

The Tribal Vibe Village Festival is held from

24 July - 1 August 2021 on Møn

Where is the festival?

The venue is Møn Retreat Center

Vollerupgade 2a.
4792 Askeby

How many days can I stay for?

You can stay for 4 - 9 days.

If you want to stay 9 days buy a ticket for 24 July and buy add on days. 

Can I join the festival at any time?

No, you can only join at these dates: 24 July or 28 July

 (volunteers join from July 23 or 28)

Where do I sleep?

A tent space for your tent is included in the price. 

The venue also have a limited number of beds you can buy in addition when you buy your festival ticket:  choose a bed in a single/double room or one of the dormatorIes (4-6 bunk beds per room).

What if I already bought my ticket and now I want a bed?

We are here to help!

Contact Signe: +4523826115

or write us info@thetribalvibe.com

What about food?

3 vegetarian (and some vegan) meals are included in the ticket.

You can also buy sweet and savoury snacks, cake, fruits and small meals at the Village Cafe 


What if I'm allergic or have food intolerance?

Any special needs like glute and lactose  intolerans? We can handle it - but only if you let us know at least 14 days in advance so the cook can plan for it.. 

Contact Signe: +45 2382 6115

or write us: info@thetribalvibe.com

Can I sell my goods or services at the festival?

You need a Tribal Vibe Village License beforehand to sell goods or offer e.g. massages or therapy. 

There are a fixed number licenses available.

Contact us for more info: info@thetribalvibe.com

May I enjoy alcohol or drugs at the festival?

Can I smoke tobacco?

No, we want everybody to be safe and clear so we can ophold safe boundaries and make conscious choices. So we kindly ask you not to bring alcohol or drugs (mushrooms, rapé, weed, ayahuasca etc.)to the Village.

The house, the garden and tent areas are strictly NO smoking zones.

Smoking is permitted in the "Smoking area" in the courtyard (at the entrance) - and no where else. 

It's always a good idea to wash hands and brush teeth if you wanna get up close and personal in the workshops after smoking ;-)

Will there be English or Danish translators?

We have participants and facilitators from all over Europe so the workshops will be in English 

If you find it difficult to understand English please let us know so we can slow down and/or translate instructions to Danish.

How do I become a volunteer?

You can also join the festival as a volunteer. You only pay a symbolic fee (for the food) and have to work aprox. 4 hours a day. Read more about volunteering

What to expect?

Such a safe and loving community with good people and heart energy! An ethically safe space where we all have to go through the same workshop (Getting the Vibe red.) to be allowed access to participate. It provides methods just like a driver's license to keep you safe and authentic in the way you relate to others. In everyday life but also your sensual relations. It teaches us to take responsibility and express ourselves. I wish I had had knowledge of that method back when I was 25 !!!! 

There is a basic tone of love, soberness and then lots of fun - and trouble ;-) 

There is wildness, juicyness, and sometimes there is darkness, nudity, vulnerability, touch, dance, massage and more explicit sexual workshops for those who wish to explore . But it's all very playful and proper. And you only participate at the pace and engagement YOU  are ready for. Oh, expect to get attached. I feel in love with the small clan I was designated toand meet for sharings with every day. 

There will be days where you get from the ashes into the fire - we all do. Welcome everything !

Also what which sucks. You are in for something bigtime transformatory :)

Female, 2020

What about COVID-19 and safety?

We will be following the gudelines from the authorities and taking any precausion necessary.

We will be updating here at the website as we get nearer to The Tribal Vibe Village Festival. 

How many workshops can I participate in?

As many as you want. BUT we highly recommend that you take breakes to integrate your experiences and relax to have the maximum effect and enjoyment. Look out for Mr. FOMO :-)

Try to find a good balance between deep work and rest. How much is just right will be different form person to person.

We propose that you take at skip at least one (or two) workshop every second day to rest and restore.

Remember is suppose to be a Summer Vacation

- it's not a workcamp :-)

I’ve never tried tantra before, can I still join?

Absolutely, yes.

You will meet both experienced and first time participants at the festival. The programme is designed to give you the maximum choice every day.

Every workshop will have descriptions of e.g. the level of intensitity, whether nudity is welcome or not and more.

You can choose to go very light or try something more challenging as it serves you the best.

Can we join as a couple?

Couples are very welcome. Some workshops are actually designed for couples (or people who pair up at the festival).

Other workshops are individual or group experiences where you don't need a partner.

Ask the facilitator for advice if you prefer to do exercises together.

Is nudity ok?

Yes, nudity is allowed most of the time in the venue, but during meals and in the cafe you have to wear a minimum of clothes for sanitary reasons, but inside the house, in most workshops and in the garden you are welcome to be naked or clothed as you please. 

In some workshops nudity is not welcome e.g. during Getting the Vibe (the mandatory entrance workshop).

Will I be needing a therapist?

Although some of the workshops might invite you to go deep and might be very tranformatory The Tribal Vibe Village Festival is build to be a safe playground to investigate and explore.

For those who might a little support (but not therapy) our Emotional help Team (EMO) team is available 24/7 and will be present at during and  btw. workshops. 

Some of our facilitators offer 1:1 therapy sessions for a fee. A list and info on how to book will be annouced at this website before the Festival begins.

And don't forget yout CLAN! These are your go-to family and is there to support eachother Each day you will meet after breakfast and have sharings. This is something participants often speak of with deep devotion and respect.

If you are especially emotional vulnerable we suggest that you give us a call to find out if the festival is a good fit for you at this time.

+45 23826115

Are you LGTB+ positive?

Yes, we celebrate diversity. 

The Tribal Vibe welcomes all gender identity, all bodies and all sexual orientations. 

Will people be having sex during the workshops?

Although intercourse in general is not allowed in the  workshops, we do have some workhops you can choose that are explicit  sexual and even one where you can learn to make love more consciously.

Please remember you can always choose not to participate.

Where can I know in advance about the time & date for these workshops?

Prior to the festival every workshop will be updated with labels like the dress code: "nudity welcome", "No nudity" and labels like "Sexual intimacy might occur".  

We will also let you know how many can participate in the workshop, if you need to come with a partner etc.

This info will be available on the website. Th info will also be availbe in print at the venue.

AND every morning at the Tribal Village Gathering we will announce the workshops of the day, changes and particularities you need to know before entering.

What to wear?

Loose fittings and multible thin layers that you can take off to be comfortable according to the activity and room temperature are recommended.

You might also wanna bring socks and something warm to the workshops if you are going to sit or lie still for longer periods e.g. in meditations.

Can I get my money back?

We refund your full ticket  if we have to cancel due to COVID restictions etc (minus EASYME ticket fee).

We do not refund your ticket if you change your mind or get sick. You are welcome to sell your ticket at the event page in Facebook

What to pack?

- Clothes for the workshops (you will get sweaty every day so have plenty of spare t-shits etc.)

- Clothes for sun/surf

- Nice clothes for festivities & Tribal Ceremonies.

- Bed-linen ( or you can  rent a set at the venue)

- Towels (you will need some for for personal hygiene and some for workshop e.g. massage etc)

- Sarong or a big piece of fabric to lie on/wrap around you to/from/in workshops.

- Journal, pens etc for personal use. There might be exercises or insights you want to remember.

- A water bottle - no cups/glasses are permitted inside workshops.

- Toiletries for your personal hygeine. & safety 

- Sun block

Very important:

- Please bring a yoga mat, a blanket and a cushion for the workshops. You are gonna need them!