If you want to set up a shop this Summer?

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the village atmosphere by setting up your shop. Here is some information on what we can offer you.

We provide: a stall from which you sell your goods/services in a pavilion shared with 1-2 others. 

You bring: Table, chair, light, decorations or what ever you need to present and sell your merchandise or services.. 

A win-win fit:

We want to ensure that the goods sold in village is in alignment with the spirit of the festival, so both you and The Tribal Vibe are happy for the collaboration. Thus we need from a descirption and/or photos of your commodities before we can issue a Village Licence to commerce.

How to apply for a licence 

You have three options:

1) You buy a festival ticket. For participants the licence costs 500 dkk and is valid for the same time periode as your festival ticket. The licence also provides you with a spot for your shop in a shared pavillion.

2) You sign up as a volunteer. The varrant and terms are the same as for participants. As a volunteers you have to donate approx. 4 hours of work inside the festival's operations, e.g. in the kitchen or cleaning.

3) If you just want to to sell your merchandise and not attend the festival. The fee is 500 dkk per day. You get a spot in the Village but cannot enjoy the workshops nor get free meals.

You pay for the number of days you are there. Payment is made in cash or mobile pay on site.

We will ask you for a deposit of DKK 500 upon licence registration.

Apply here

Please send us an e-mail  with your application. Include photos / descriptions of what you would like to sell and let us know which kind of licence you would like to purcharge: