UPDATED 2 April 2022

Come join us as a volunteer this year at the amazing Himmelbjerggården in Denmark for The Tribal Vibe Summer Festival 2022.

You will be part of a dedicated team of 30 volunteers and crew, who are the backbone of creating more  6 -  12 days of authentic magic and heartfelt relating. 

As a volunteer you will be the arms and legs of the festival. Your smile, effort and loving vibe will contribute to making all the participants feel at HOME.

We are part of something unique. We see eachother as important human beings with beautiful, individual personalities and together we all serve the greater good.

If you feel a strong pull to join us for this extraordinary Tribal Vibe experience after reading all the information on this page we invite you to sign up for the adventure of the year - Come on home to the tribe! 


You are here not only to serve your own personal development, but also the development of the participants who join our courses throughout the year.

Service to the participants means giving the gift of providing a safe, clean and nourishing environment, within which we all can relax and let the process unfold.

  • 4 hours of work per day (or shifts of 8 hrs every 2. day if you prefer)
  • Participation in the mandatory workshop "Getting the Vibe"
  • To attend the daily Tribal Gatherings (morning/night - when not working)
  • Sharing with your clan every day
  • NB Arrival date is 23 July for volunteers in the first part of the festival
  • You will answer to the Chiefs of Camp  CJ  & Brian


Working hours: 4 hours a day - it’s possible for us to make individual agreements with volunteers  so a volunteer could be working 8 hours one day and nothing the next. Count on missing out on at least one workshop a day. Please take this into consideration before choosing to volunteer so you can have the most wholesome and fun experience as possible.


The majority of the shifts will be in the kitchen preparing food and cleaning/dishwashing. We have chefs and assisting cooks in charge of the kitchen. Any experience working in a kitchen is very welcome. 

We will also need a few technical volunteers who will be on call duty at each of the workshop venues. These shifts are for the full day, however the work load is a somewhat lighter than in the kitchen.

In the Cafe run by Trine we also have need for a handfull of volunteers. The cafe shifts also differ from kitchen.

It will be hectic at times, but we will try to make it as fun as possible. But having a steady hand and an ability to remain calm under pressure is very welcome.  

The clan

On arrival on you will become part of a volunteer's clan which likely will become your new go-to people. Everybody participants, facilitators and volunteers belong to a clan. The Clans have daily meetings - right after Morning Circle to have sharings of personal experiences.


There will be shifts during day- and night time. More info when the Chefs, the cooks and Trine have made a plan for it. 

Info about the shifts

3 weeks before the festival begins you will receive your shift schedule. You will be given a time frame within you may swap shifts with other volunteers. But this is entirely up to you and so is the responsibility for making it happen. 


Our chiefs of Camp & Volunteers  will be your primary contact throughout the festival as volunteer coordinators for the Summer Festival.

If you have any practical questions during the festival they are your guys. 


This is good work - no doubt about it. But it will also be an amazing opportunity to grow, flow, connect and go deep with up to 150 brave, beautiful people.

If you come in the first part of the festival you will need to arrive one day early (July 14) to participate in building up the energy - and the festival site. We have prepared the volunteers' very own Getting the Vibe workshop where you can get to know each other as well as the 5 practices we live by.

If you are joining us in the second part of the festival we invite you to stay one more day to celebrate on the 24th after the particpants have left  and to join the evaluation the next day. 

We will have up to 12 days together - outside time and space. 

For more info contact us: info@thetribalvibe.com

THE TRIBAL VIBE presents: 

The Tribal Vibe Summer Festival 2022


Included in the ticket:

  • All workshops
  • All meals
  • Tent space 

Buy extra:

  • Bed in single/double room
  • Bed in dormatory 
  • Bed linned & towels

DKK from2000,- 

5 - 12 days