You may be blessed and experience one or more of the facilitators in 2022


In her work, Signe supports people in rediscovering their innate ability to enjoy life through deep connection with themselves and in their relations with others.

Full and deep presence in the present moment with the heart-opening acceptance of ALL our emotions and all your sensoric sensations is the golden  key to inner connectedness and peace of mind. Acceptance, connection and love are the supreme unifying forces in our relationship with others.

Her great passion is to find gateways to travel deeper into the open heart space through the body, where we meet the essence of ourselves, and into the relationship with each other, whether it happens in quiet, expanded consciousness or in sensual, explosive ecstasy.

Alongside her work as a couples therapist, sexologist and body therapist she facilitates workshops  exploring the many facets of tantra, relational authenticity and consent, mind-bodyfulness, meditation and self leadership.

In her Conscious Dating evenings she invites singles to date in a fun, heart connected and authentic way.

Signe V. Bentzen is the founder of The Tribal Vibe.


Consciouos Dating Denmark


Writing a biography about oneself screams to the sky of ego. But maybe you need to know a little about who I am and what I stand for....

My core value is that we are all on our own journey. Therefore, I can not comment categorically or generalize about other people's travels without also losing what I believe is the core of working with self-development; namely, to be able to inspire.

I hope that what I have learned the path I have taken, and the tools I have picked up along the way can inspire you on your path.

My way of teaching is based on equal parts co-creation and improvisation. That is, the bravery to dare to be with what is actually present in the room and together dare to let go of expectations. This applies both in what pretends to be completely conventional workshops and those that on paper look like pure impro play.

In both, the focus is really always on yourself, your path and your ability to give and receive, within the boundaries of your zone of growth.

My focus is to do absolutely as little as possible at all in that process. Think of me as a football referee, if I'm invisible, then I'm successful. Who I am privately is in that context completely irrelevant because it's not about me. So in that sense my CV is also irrelevant as it would just trigger you in one way or the other.

Trust me, or don't, it's up to you,


Maria has a life long practice of embodied energetic expressions through the path of martial art and through this; all forms of intimate relating.

She is dancing to and expandsthe tone struck by her samurai sensei who encouraged his students to explore inwards to express authentically outwards, whether it is friendship, war, love, shame, play: all are intimate connections.

Living and sharing how to cultivate and express oneself in all aspects of relating to oneself, to others and to All absolutely showers her with meaning and delight.

Maria is gently obsessed with how to cultivate more skillful, courageous actions in loving and empowering ways, for the sustainable benefit of All.

She is compassionately passionate about growing authentic expressions in herself and others.

She is a mom, a lover, a friend, an international martial arts teacher and a licensed psychologist and will use love, passion, power and softness to assist in unearthing and standing up for your wholesome authenticity.

Maria is part of the Organizing Team.

www.anettemariapavlovic.se www.karateakademin.se



Elvis is an embodiment practitioner, meditator, martial artist, husband, father and

licensed psychologist devoted to the exploration and fine tuning of the human experience.

With humor and seriousness, science and spirituality, gentleness and power Elvis is

methodically pursuing and sharing answers to the fundamental question: how do

we become as alive as possible?

Elvis is part of The Organzing Team and also the Chief of the Emo Team, a group put together with some of TTV's own psycho-therapeutic professionals  and from participating tribers. volunteering on a day to day basis.

The EMO team will be present all over the festival to support tribers who might need a shoulder, a hand or an ear to regain balance.


Hi, my name is Andrea and I feel honoured and thrilled to be a part of The Tribal Vibe Organizing Team!

My intention is to share with you my gifts of deep presence and loving devotion through sensuality and physical touch.

I have been walking the path of esoteric Tantra, and offering tantra massages, for the past 7 years. Growth, healing and development is what I am most passionate about, especially if it involves the delicious combination of spirituality and sexuality.

My ardent wish is that more people would open their hearts to the flow of Eros, so that we all may experience the freedom of authentic and heart-based relating.

Feel free to connect with me via Instagram on https://www.instagram.com/andrea.a.figueroa/

Tine Huge - The Tribal Vibe Village Festival 2021


Davide Ronco (IT), is a graduate of the Ceramic Design MA at the KADK Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark and currently freelances as a designer and artist.

His practice is grounded on material research and solid craftsmanship within the field of  experi-mental design and contemporary art. His work focuses on objects, installations and performance, thus challenging the praxis of conventional tools and methodology.

His focal point  is the study of perception and challenging the dichotomy between the natural and the artificial. The fascination for the concept of Ad Extremum, roughly translated from Latin as ‘’until the end; death’’ as the human presence’s narrowness, is at the core of his ongoing research on the precarious existence of humankind: a study on transience, fragility, and decay, relating to the opposition and discrepancies between the human and the nature.

Whether with sculpture, furniture or site-specific installations, his diverse work revolves around found materials, unconventional methods and up-cycling processes


My passion is relationships. To meet others with curiosity and explore what unfolds in the moment between us. I love listening to the wisdom of the body and nervous system and slow down enough so we can actually hear it. I see relationships as teachers to understand and feel myself in ways im not able to alone. We heal in relationships, I believe. Especially if we dare to be brave, honest and vulnerable in loving, setting boundaries and surrendering to the relational mystery that unfolds each and every moment.

People often describe me as gracefully courageous, soft yet powerful. I am clear and transparent in the way I bring content, guide people and share myself. Nothing is hidden, too much or shameful. All of you is welcome here.

I am currently a student at Nordisk Gestalt Institut to become a Gestalt- & Psychotherapist. I am a part of running The School of Tantric Ropes and I work with both individuals, couples and groups. I mainly work in Copenhagen but also Sweden and online. I have a background of studying with and assisting Embodied Intimacy for several years and I have dedicated my work to embodiment and relational intimacy. 

Read more about what I do here: www.cherieellen.com

School of tantric ropes: www.schooloftantricropes.com


Beatriz is following her urge and passion to experience and embody her own essence in service to life . For more than twenty years she has been sharing her search for happiness and authentic living and loving, guiding hundreds of individuals and couples to meet, honor and enjoy their own nature and uniqueness, integrating shadow and light as a playful dance towards joy, presence and connection, opening the heart to live and love fully.

With empathy, passion, humor and relentless creativity she can make you go as deep and/or as high through yourself until you see the beauty and strength that lives within you, along with the endless possibilities to manifest your authentic loving, successful and powerful nature.

Along with her channeling abilities, her sessions, teachings and facilitations are based on Tantra, Rebirthing, Family Constellations, Consent, Reiki and Chinese Medicine, amongst other paths and tools.

ANDY BURU - Sweden

Andy is a student of theater and tea, a medical massage therapist, a former organizational coach, a conscious kinkster, and a teacher of European and Japanese rope bondage. He lives in Stockholm, Sweden and work around northern Europe. During his fifteen years of BDSM, he has been a slave, an owner, a hedonist, a purist, a magician, and a slut.

His work aims to create magical rooms where people can rest, heal and grow. Andy loves that the world is allowed to be complicated because that makes every meeting unique.

His time in Japan engraved into him the presence, passion and embrace for the glimpse of zen that exists in every movement of life. In the stillness between moments, life happens. Pause, witness.




Ida Helmers Sweden


Ida often calls herself a relationship nerd, she loves to explore different forms of relating and sees relationships as a path for both mutual and individual growth. The last years she has worked with relational healing in a lot of different group contexts, inviting us to find our way back home to ourselves together.

The wisdom of our bodies is her greatest teacher, especially in the group fields she creates. Ida holds space with integrity and authenticity so our hearts can meet, our nervous systems feel more safe and our different parts feel more welcomed. 

She draws inspiration and knowledge from Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness, Circling, Embodied Intimacy and attachment theory in her work, but always leaves room for the unique wisdom of the group to guide her. You can read more about her work here:



Aaron Kleinerman is a Transformational Sex and Relationship Coach, Facilitator and Speaker. He is the lead male teacher for the Embodied Awakening Academy, a Tantric Practioner, creator of several online courses for men, the author of the best selling book "The Embodied Man."

He has learned from the great masters in the field of sexuality and transformation, including earning a master’s degree in spiritual psychology.  Aaron went from being a licensed captain navigating ships to a sexual behavior and movement specialist navigating souls. 

His workshops, retreats, sessions and speeches help humans integrate body movement, psychology, sexuality and spirituality.  He speaks and teaches honestly and transparently so that others can unlock the real reason for their human existence.  Aaron’s mastery as a teacher provides the practical tools everyone needs to implement embodied awakened intelligence into daily life.



Tine Huge - The Tribal Vibe Village Festival 2021


Matteo is a life coach and leadership trainer who has taught thousands of people. He’s danced for 12 years, at first salsa, ball room, and bachata.

He eventually fell in love with Brazilian Zouk and never looked back. It’s his main channel to a sense of transcendence, as one’s sense of self expands into the other person, then into the music and everything it touches.

Matteo will be facilitating together with Nina Stenhøj.


"I am a Woman, foodie, lover, dancer of life would be the short version. I believe that every single one of us is unique and not only are we needed, we are so necessary when remembering ourselves home in this world"

Camilla Steen Larsen lives conscious dance as a lifestyle and a way to be closer to ourselves.
She believes that every single one of us are unique and necessary. Dance has been her preferred language since she was three years of age.  Moving presence, mindful living, embodied leadership, sacred sexuality and conscious relating are some of what she brings to the dance floor as well as in the every day.
 Her heart strongly beats for the power of leaning into the arms of community to learn from one another

Camilla brings more than 30 years experience in teaching and leading movement and was the first to invite people to join Nia and Soul Motion classes in Denmark 16 years back.

Camilla is a writer in body and on paper, a passionpreneur, a force of nature and along with several trainings of various movement modalities Soul Motion® Teacher, Nia® Black Belt, Lifestyle & Wellbeing Educator she has an education in medical Qi Gong, the Biyun method, a Chinese healing method with 5000 years old roots. 




Klaus Löhrer, born 1970, has been working consciously with breathing since his teen-years. In the beginning mostly with the purpose of making beautiful music, as he became a professional musician and music-teacher in his twenties. Since he discovered the therapeutic effects of breathwork a couple of years ago, this has become a main-stem in his personal practice, with various courses in e.g. shamanic breathwork and  yogic breathing etc under his belt.

Spiritual framework derived mainly from Buddhism, especially Tibetan Buddhism, and he holds a bachelor of arts degree in Tibetan Studies from 2013. Later he has also worked with Tai Chi/Qi gong and Taoistic principles, as well as various kinds of tantric practices, bodywork and men's groups.

Apart from his own therapy, experience as a therapist comes mainly from an education as a trauma therapist with Jesper Westmark in 2019 and a lot of hands-on experience in psychiatric wards where he has worked as a nurse assistant since 2015.

He also has personal experience with some psychopharmaceutical drugs, as well as several ayahuasca-journeys (both as participant and guide) and other entheogenic medicine.


 The Tribal Vibe Summer Festival 2022 #elkilophotography


When Nina met Brazilian Zouk dance circa 2013 it was love at first beat.The rhythms were tantalizing, the movements sensual and the connection with a partner at times is like a kind of magic. 

Zouk is an improvised social partner dance, so connecting with many different people, feeling the different energies and ways of moving with a wide variety of partners is a part of its charms. 

The dance is lead and follow, but at times feels like oneness. 

As Nina dived deeper, the path led her to tantra.  

Dancing zouk in a more consciously tantric way added new layers to the experience. 

When Nina isn't dancing or exploring tantra, she is working as a psychologist. She knows that the body keeps the score and that freeing the body is a key in liberating the mind. 

Together with co-facilitator Matteo Trevisan Nina will introduce Brazilian zouk into Tantra 

Video of Matteo & Nina dancing tantric zouk 


Nina's psychologist profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nina-stenh%C3%B8j-21290260


Brian has for years been working professionally within areas of health, safety and rescue, likewise as both volunteer and leader at festivals. He is calm and caring - and curious about your life, history and actual state, as well as his own. He is very curios about ho, to stay as alive and present as possible.

During the last 15 years he has examined life with as many questions as answers, through nature, therapeutic courses and on through training to become a psycotheraphist, mens group and gatherings of different types, as well as workshops and festivals in the field of tantra around DK, including The Tribal Vibe

This year he is looking forward to greeting you as our Chief of Camp together with C.J.

Brian will also be in charge of The Sauna

TRINE HOLM - Chief of Café

Trine is the chief of our Cafe. She is the fairy Godmother when she whips up all the delicious sweet and savoury treats  that  you can buy in summertime when you visit our cafe for a damn good cup of coffee, tea or eco sodapops.

She is also the renowned  owner and excellent cook of Fyrregaarden.dk a beautiful retreat in Odsherred, Denmark where many of our facilitators come with workshops and retreats on a regular basis. 


Carl Johan - Chief of Camp

Participating in the tribe is part of my continuous quest for insights and experiences , fueled by curiosity of my self, the other and the collective. My everyday life is firmly rooted in academics, fatherhood and family at large - spirituality and sensuality are twigs that grow ever stronger.

Gestalt therapy was an early motivator on this journey, and I have concluded training as gestalt practitioner, coach and group supervisor. From this training evolved an interest in mindfulness both in a therapeutic sense (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and a more spiritual approach amongst others with Vipassana meditation. One thing that seem to repeatedly catch my attention is the unification of mind, body and soul - thought, sensation and emotion, which are core in both Tantric Buddhism and Gestalt therapy/existentialism.

With respect to the camp, my primary task is to coordinate and assist the volunteers, and secondarily lent a helping hand wherever and whenever needed.


- Chef du Cuisine Part II

'll be cooking for all of you on the last 5 days of the festival. My cooking can best be described as: beyond organic rainbows. I feed your eyes as well as you mouths and bellies. 

I almost did what was expected of me until I was 25. School, education, debt, job, marriage, child, divorce. Then I stopped. 

I felt  the hamster wheel like an horrific hulahop that kept me moving, like I was being ripped apart by the need to make money and the stressful distance my work created between me and my family. 

I went to my garden and started growing food to have the ability to feed my child the best food without having to send him away. I stopped going to the shops to buy the thing they say we need. I found we need eachother more than anything. 

Slowly I found new ways to manage. I became a creator instead of a consumer and the transition brought me closer to my family, the land and my self.

Now I cook, bake, ferment, gather, grow and preserve, more food than my family could possibly eat and I come to you with the abundance.


It took me quite some time to find that path which really talked to my heart. Although many indications pointed in that direction, it took me many years to take that turn.

Now after a challenging education as photojournalist at the Danish school of Journalism I work with telling stories through my eyes.

On a daily basis as staff photographer at Altinget.dk  the niche media for Danish politics, combined through my own projects.

I'm looking forward to meeting you with my camera close at hand, catching serene beautiful moments at this year's The Tribal Vibe, my first to attend.



- Chef du Cuisine Part I

My name Alemsehay, literally mean Sun of the Words, and I find it funny, considering that I’m a winter person. Born in Asmara Eritrean, raised in Florence Italy .

Successful doesn’t nessacerily  mean happy. I was sad and broken. I packed and left in half hour. I left behind family,  friends and, a successful, acclaimed restaurant. I wanted to set a standard for my girls: Life is bigger than fear. I moved to Copenhagen in 2013 with my two beautiful daughters and started my life from scratch. It took hard work but I had a deep dedication to heal and to smile again.

I'm a  fashion designer, and have been managing Music and Film events but food is what has kept me connected to my roots. I consider my cooking a mix of the places I belong. Inspired by my childhood memories at the market with my aunt in Eritrean, the amazing Italian food and now crazy in love with the New Nordic.

In 2019 I decided to quit working for big restaurant chains and stared this journey to cook only for conscious , grateful people and events .