As part of the SUMMER experience some of our facilitators are offering their skills and services. You book with the bodyworker you prefer at the festival.


Embodied Permission · Somatic mentoring

Duration: 1,5 - 2 hours Price: 1300 dkk

1 : 1 sessions:

In the journey you choose to travel within the field of Embodied Permission we meet all where it is. Your heart’s longings, your desires to shine bright and your ability to receive. You come visible when awakened and merged with the inspirations you get – we follow the currents from below to beyond your skin.

You will come to a deep knowing of where to next.

We re-find the creative stream emerging through the body. When sometimes pulled into the wild currents of our emotionality we find center – home. When listening with the body the inner compass needle being pleasure and play our bodies become our best friend and we get to have the full experience and expression of who you truly are – a magical amazing essence.

We move to feel and feel to heal by letting it. You experience the weaving threads of ease in your everyday and life becomes a delicious dance and intentions set in motion a way of letting life be lived through us. Your path in self partnership with your body is what we call live · love · lead. 

We give permission and the world around us moves with you.

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Couples: Embodied Permission · concious relating

Duration: 1,5 - 2 hours

Price: 1450kr

Sessions for couples, lovers or those in intimate relationships.

These sessions are about seeing and being seen. Through embodied presence you will witness eachother.

The switch to our souls is turned back on and when in the company of our lover the language of our bodies gets to be speak.

We land in the body. We practice speaking in a somatic language – there, the playful field that opened the first time you received one another comes in re-union. Where you might expect to get you tools for what to do Embodied Permission · conscious relating is a space for you to be – held and invited nourishing and flourishing all that you are alone and together as a couple.

The ways to deepen, open, explore and expand our unique way of relating as a couple are infinite. The paths to strengthen the bonds and the intimate play of lovers are limitless. What are your dreams and desires?

Couple sessions can be outlined as V.I.P days, 1-3 months packages and/or uniquely tailored to suit your needs.

Book a discovery call to bring back/increase passion and intimacy in your relationship.

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Duration:  1½ hour: 1300 dkk

Breathwork and familiy contellation sessions 

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Aaron’s Sessions

Session rates are 350 euro for 90 minutes.

He will be offering combined & integrative sessions for the Tribal Vibe Summer Festival.

  • Transformational Tantric Body Work with whole body nervous system re-alignment psychologically and somatically.
  • Flushing trauma from your nervous system so that you can be in your ease
  • Re-establishing rest and digest in your nervous system by clearing out past wounds
  • De-armouring the heart and the sex centre so that you can expand into more love, pleasure and self compassion
  • Awakening your consciousness and sexuality
  • Gestalt therapy and coaching 
  • Support clients to merge consciousness, the emotional body, and the animal within, so a whole, integrated being walks away with clarity and direction with his/her life.