You may be blessed and experience one or more of the facilitators in 2021 


In her work, Signe supports people in rediscovering their innate ability to enjoy life through deep connection with themselves and in their relations with others.

Full and deep presence in the present moment with the heart-opening acceptance of ALL our emotions and all our sensoric sensations is the golden  key to inner connectedness. Acceptence, connection and love are the supreme unifying forces in our relationship with others.

Her great passion is to find the gateways to travel deeper into the open heart space through the body, where we meet the essence of ourselves, and the relationship with each other, whether it happens in quiet, expanded consciousness or in explosive ecstasy.

Alongside her work as a couple therapist, sexologist and body therapist and has developed the Tantric Healing System (THS).

Signe teaches in the many facets of tantra and shamanism, in Midfulness & meditation and has co-created Conscious Relations with Jesper Westmark and Conscious Dating Denmark  with Diane Ellefsen.

Signe V. Bentzen, founder of The Tribal Vibe.



Writing a biography about one-self hurts right into the heart because it screams of ego. But you need to know a little about who I am and what I stand for....

My core value is that we are all on our own journey. Therefore, I can not comment categorically or generalize about other people's travels without also losing what I hold and believe is the core of working with self-development; namely, to be able to inspire.

I hope that what I have learned and the path I have taken, and the tools I have picked up along the way can inspire you on your path.

My form of teaching is based on equal parts co-creation and improvisation. That is, to dare to be with what is actually present in the room and together dare to let go of expectations. Seasoned with tight steering so we avoid jungle law. This applies both in what pretends to be completely conventional workshops and those that on paper look like pure impro play.

In both, the focus is really always on yourself, your path and your ability to give and receive, within the boundaries of your zone of immediate development.

My focus is to do absolutely as little as possible at all in that process. Think of me as a football referee, if I'm invisible, then I'm succeeded. Who I am privately and professionally is in that context completely irrelevant.


Anette Pavlovic has practiced embodied energetic expressions through the path of martial art for over 45 years.

She is dancing to and expanding the tone struck by her samurai sensei who encouraged his students to explore inwards to express authentically outwards.

It is her delight and love to use and teach how to adapt and use the cultivated energies in all aspects of relating; to oneself, to others and to all.


Most of all she enjoys directing energized behaviors towards increasingly more skillful, courageous actions, in loving and empowering ways, for the sustainable benefit of all.


She is passionate about growing authentic expressions in herself and others, compassion and the sustainable good that benefits all.


She is a mom, a lover, a friend, an international martial arts teacher, a licensed psychologist and will passionately assist in unearthing and stand up for your wholesome authenticity.



Jesper has taught and guided many hundreds of people in meditation for the last 18 years, and is also a trained trauma therapist.

He is the owner of the beautiful retreat "Sjövik" in Småland, Sweden where he facilitate retreats in i.a. meditation, shamannism and Conscious Relationships (with Signe V. Bentzen)

He has an extensive experience in meeting people where they are. at present moment. It is safe and with a guarantee to experience something unique when  attend his workshop, whether you are completely new to meditation or have been meditating for many years.

He is great at guiding so everyone gets exactly what they each need.

Meditation has one purpose - to discover itself in the body, in the mind and in the heart.



Dennis first encountered tantric yoga and meditation 25 years ago and his own spiritual and tantric practice started to deepen 10 years ago. 

His teachings are inspired by his own practice, his own continuous trauma release work and experiences in life and mostly focused on guided inquiry based learning through somatic explorations, exercises and meditations. 

He has studied with many different well known teachers including Eli Buren, David Deida and not least Michaela Boehm and Steve James. He is also a student of Vækstcenteret where he has focused on meditation, energy work and more in different year long groups.

Dennis is a trained psychodynamic, cognitive and somatic therapist and is studying to be a registered Spiritual Integrative Body and Psychotherapist at the School of Tobias. Privately he has worked as a leader and company director for the last 20 years.


Tine Huge - The Tribal Vibe Village Festival 2021

TINE HUGE - Denmark

Tine is passionate about awakening the life force and sensuality, creating balance between the feminine and masculine and keeping room for consciousness,. Thus we can open our hearts in confidence and security.

Tine is a passionate sensual, playful and musical person with deep insight into intuitive presence and energy work. She has been envolved in personal development, energy language, body, dance and movement on one's own body. since she was 16.

She is a management mentor in feminine leadership, reiki healer, trauma therapist and is a passionate medicine dancer does training of personal leadership, facilitation of personal development and counseling, meditation.

She facilitates retreats and transforming group processes, individual trauma treatment and body therapy. It is all done with deep roots in everyday shamanism and tantric being. Tine used to be a drama teacher and is Cand. Mag. in Danish and Psychology. 



Asim - Tantrika, bodyworker, shamanic practitioner and energetic healer.

Educated in Kaula Tantra, Core shamanism, Loomi Loomi massage. Self taught in energetic healing and Tarot. Asim facilitates sessions, workshops and ceremonies in a blend of tantra, yoga and shamanism.

In his work as a holistic bodyworker he uses elements from shamanism, tantra, de-armouring, energetic & chakra healing. By using his knowledge and intuition he is channelling while giving a session.

Asim works from a base in Holland and Copenhagen and is frequently traveling across Europe in his campervan.


Stine Krage/amoSoma is a holistic midwife, sexological body therapist and tantrika. 

She is passionated about human embodiment modalities, gender fluidity, transparency, tantra, core integrity, intimacy, pleasure and free sexual expression.

Educated as a midwife, Integral Sexologist, Kaula Tantra, ART/Authentic Relating, Rebirthing Breathwork, Acupuncture, TRE, Coreawareness/psoas and Dearmouring.

Denmark/Holland based.


Elvis is an embodiment practitioner, meditator, martial artist, husband, father and

licenced psychologist devoted to the exploration and fine tuning of the human


With humor and seriousness, science and spirituality, gentleness and power Elvis is

methodically pursuing and sharing answers to the fundamental question: how do

we become as alive as possible?


Beatriz was unconsciously named after her mission: the latin meaning of the name is “the one who makes others happy”. Later named also Anokhi (sanskrit name for “unique”), she has dedicated her life to find out her own way back home, back to the heart. It’s been a loooong way.

Following her urge and passion to experience and embody her own essence in service to life she has been more than twenty years sharing her search for happiness and authentic living and loving, guiding hundreds of individuals and couples to meet, honor and enjoy their own nature and uniqueness, integrating shadow and light as a playful dance towards joy, presence and connection, opening the heart to live and love fully.

With empathy, passion, humor and relentless creativity she can make you go as deep and/or as high through yourself until you see the beauty and strength that lives within you, along with the endless possibilities to manifest your authentic loving, successful and powerful nature.

Along with her channeling abilities, her sessions, teachings and facilitations are based on Tantra, Rebirthing, Family Constellations, Consent, Reiki and Chinese Medicine, amongst other paths and tools.

VOJTECH CHLÁDEK - Czech Republic

Vojtech is certified Somatic sex educator, bodyworker and Kambo practicioner with 18 years of experience with touch.

His main focus is body de-armouring being done not only by the bodywork but by finding more enjoyable ways to respond to emotional triggers which created the armour at first.

He  sees bodywork as “dojo of life” where we learn how to live life with more fun and pleasure even our body carry emotional wounds and traumas.

In his courses you can experience blend of western bodywork tools and wisdom of hawaiian bodywork (Kahu Abraham) that he  calls Mahalo method, which is very safe way to move from resistence into gratitude.



Hi, my name is Andrea and I feel honoured and thrilled to be a part of The Tribal Vibe Village festival! My intention is to share with you my gifts of deep presence and loving devotion through sensuality and physical touch.

I have been walking the path of esoteric Tantra, and offered tantra massages, for the past 7 years. Growth, healing and development is what I am most passionate about, especially if it involves the delicious combination of spirituality and sexuality. My ardent wish is that more people open their hearts to the flow of Eros, so that we all may experience the freedom of authentic and heart-based relating.

Feel free to connect with me via Instagram on https://www.instagram.com/andrea.a.figueroa/


Klaus Löhrer, born 1970, has been working consciously with breathing since his teen-years. In the beginning mostly with the purpose of making beautiful music, as he became a professional musician and music-teacher in his twenties.

Since he discovered the therapeutic effects of breathwork a couple of years ago, this has become a main-stem in his personal practice, with various courses in e.g. shamanic breathwork & yogic breathing etc under his belt.

Spiritual framework derived mainly from Buddhism, especially Tibetan Buddhism, and he holds a bachelor of arts degree in Tibetan Studies from 2013. Later he has also worked with Tai Chi/Qi gong and Taoistic principles, as well as various kinds of tantric practices, bodywork and men's groups.

Apart from his own therapy, experience as a therapist comes mainly from an education as a trauma therapist with Jesper Westmark in 2019 and a lot of hands-on experience in psychiatric wards where he has worked as a nurse assistant since 2015.

He also has personal experience with some psychopharmaceutical drugs, as well as several ayahuasca-journeys (both as participant and guide) and other entheogenic medicine.


Devira Mollonyo has for many years worked with the unfolding of the soul and the free expression of the body. She has a lot of experience in being calmly present in whatever life may be noisy with, letting the body express and indulge in everything that is stored in it and create a life in accordance with the immediacy of the heart and soul.

Special interests and focus points are healing of the body, free expression of body & soul, the female sensual forces and sexual energy, flexibility, aliveness and sacred power.

Devira has many 15+ years of experience in teaching, holding spaces for individuals and groups.

She has been working with body therapy since 2007, trained from Body-sds. In addition, with all sorts of educations, courses and inspiration in healing, tantra and shamanism (trained and guided by a Mexican shaman) and all her life she has been closely connected to life outside the physically visible.

DAN HUSTED - Chief of Camp

Dan is a regaular popcorn machine.  One small sparks sets him up - always a thousand ideas popping in this man. He is normally  situated at The Creative Ambassy in Nordhavnen, a fantastisc place to develop projects, get a cup of damn good coffee and chill in good company.

He is also quite know out in the owrild for some of his great inventions and are the Co-founder of Copenhagen Streetfood, Papirøen, Reffen and more such places abroad. 

He is our creative force and builder AND he is Camp of Chief in charge of the volunteers and of the day to day practicalities in the Village Festival.

He puts it like this: "My intention is to be a safe haven for all our volunteers. A community like this is like being on a ship: everybody has a special job to do and everybod must be cared for and treated with respect, love and honesty"

Mattam Raastoff - Chief of Kitchen

First and foremost, and as a starting point for everything I do in my life, I am a mother.

Biologically speaking, as the mother of a boy of 6, and in addition, I am the (food) mother in the community I liv in for a whole bunch of kids, teenagers and adults aged 6 to 58 years.

Next, and most often through it, I am a lifelong food and health enthusiast to the core of my cells, and the summary of all my experiences is that the food that is essential to our well-being in life is as diverse and individual as it is individual human being.

In an autodidact way, I have developed my knowledge and skills in interaction with my surroundings, depending on which environments I have been in over the years.

For a number of years in the Youth House, I have been responsible for the implementation and running of the folk kitchen. All servings in this context were vegan.

But most of all, it is through the beforementioned form of housing, in daily interconnection with 4 other families, that I have gained the most in-depth, long-term insight into our differences in terms of diet, health and preferences. Through first-hand experiences with disease, autoimmune disorders, allergies, etc.,

I have seen how we can help the reversal of these on the way, via precisely the diet that is healing for the individual - whether it is vegan or meat-based.

This has, more than anything else, led me thoroughly through virtually every conceivable (and unimaginable) composition of ingredients, from raw food to grandma's simmering dishes, paleo and carnivore diets, from sweet to sour to fermented, from gluten-free baking techniques and date confectionery to old-fashioned lemon cheese, kombucha, kefir and keto-coffee brewing.

As part of the children's home schooling, we have had gardening ‘from farm to fork’ integrated daily, and I strive to ensure that a tasty part of the meal plan's raw materials can be brought from our own utility garden. In conclusion and most importantly in all of this, my inexhaustible passion stands for the pure and cutting joy of food, which for me is best felt when I see it arise in other people.

I look forward to being able to contribute this to this year's  The Tribal Vibe Village Festival.