As part of the Village experience some of our facilitators are offering their skills and services. You book with the bodyworker you prefer at the festival.


Yonimapping   Duration 1½ hour   900 kr

Get to know your yoni. The Yoni is a unique universe with zones and points that can be explored, redeemed and made conscious. You are guided through your yoni by touch, vulva acupressure, breathwork and massage.


Sexual de armouring  Duration 1½ hour  900 kr

I offer whole body, yoni, lingam and prostate de armouring. Each session is unique and individually composed to the client's needs and intentions.

De Armouring Is an embodied therapeutic healing process where you cleanse and release tensions, blockages, traumas and beliefs from your body. A multidimensional approah to healing the body: physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually. It releases chronic pain, blockages and traumas and leaves one in a deeply relaxed state. In this state one can come into contact with repressed emotions, essence and our own inner wisdom. This allows us to get rid of unhealthy patterns, old pain and locked emotions that may be trapped in our body. De armouring uses various tools such as touch, massage, breathing, sounds and energy processing.


Multiorgasmia   Duration 1½ hour  900 kr

The orgasm is an enjoyable wave of life energy flowing through our body. Most people have experienced having an orgasm in their life at some point. Often we experience an orgasm as a peak orgasm induces my stimulation of the lingam shaft or the yoni clitoris.

Being multiorgastic means that we can move our orgasm into a full body ecstatic experience which is a state of being that can be ecstatic for hours, blissful and/or transcendent. Women naturally have a little easier access to become multi-orgasmic, as we do not lose the same energy during our orgasms as the man does. The man, on the other hand, most often experiences that his ejaculation and orgasm are the same. The multiorgastic man can train to separate the orgasm and ejaculation. By not ejaculating, the man thereby preserves his sexual energy. 

During a session, I will guide you with breath, massage and movement to bring you closer to becoming multiorgastic or expanding your multiorgatic potential.


Prostate massage   Duration 1½ hour   900 kr

Most men will get an enlarged prostate with age and for some it can develop into prostate cancer. An enlarged prostate can present challenges in terms of urination and in one's sex life. To prevent your prostate from getting sick, it is important to have an active sex life, live a healthy lifestyle and occasionally have your prostate massaged. Men who are open to trying to explore their prostate and male g-spot will be able to experience a powerful sexual response and ejaculation-free orgasm. It may require some training.

Strengthening the prostate muscle with the help of various exercises together with a well-trained pelvic floor will help better control of erection and ejaculation. If you are curious about your g-spot, I can guide you on your way on this journey. Most men will not regret exploring their full sexual potential.    


Huge-by-Heart Healing

Duration: 1 hour: 750 - 1½ hour: 900

Intuitive healing session through bodywork, drumming and use of reiki hands and voice I will help you to release old hidden traumas and stuck energy in your system energetically, physically, emotionally or psychologically so you can get your life force back and set it free. I am working to release traumas in a psycho spiritual and shamanic way. I guide you through unconscious behaviors and triggers to recall when the trauma got frozen and help you take new and better decisions in your life and rebalance your feminine and masculine energy. 



Duration 1 ½ Hour 925 DKK

Therapeutic bodywork and deep healing.
Peaceful power & Powerful peace.
For freedom and inner peace.
Releasing blocks and contractions.
Connecting and igniting flow.
Opening for new awareness and change.

I work though the whole body (no genitals), leaving the head and let your body speak, communicating mostly without words and with a sacred touch of magic!


Loomi   Duration 1 hour   720 DKK

Loomi Loomi is a smooth, rhythmic holistic massage that brings healing and harmony to the entire body. The massage reflects the rhythms and movements of nature. The Loomi Loomi massage consists of continuous, smooth stroking movements that have a tender yet deep effect on the muscles and cherish the body. So that the receiver can relax, let go and just “be”. Through the combination of touch, following the heart and setting an intention, the massage works on a physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual level.

Tantric Loomi Loomi    Duration 1 hour   810 DKK

The Tantric Loomi Loomi massage has the same build up as the Loomi Loomi massage. With the difference that; breath work is included into the massage, your body will be completely naked and there is the option to have your genital region touched. The genital region will only be touched if consent is given by you during the take-in, NO internal massage.

Sacred Fire Healing   Duration 1 hour   720 DKK

Sacred Fire Healing is an intuitive, unique customized healing session.

In a healthy body thoughts, emotions and energies are free to flow through the body. Things are allowed to happen; to flow unobstructed. Obstructions in the flow or blockages are formed when we are trying to avoid, deny or hold on to thoughts, emotions and energies. In everyday life we are unconsciously creating these obstructions on a daily basis. Just because we are not conscious about everything all the time.  Blockages in the body will be taken away to allow the free flow of energy.

The healing is in a sacred and holistic setting combining rituals, breath work, movement, chakra/aura clearing, acupressure, shamanistic healing/extraction and goddess channeling. You stay dressed during the session. The session begins with a short take-in: to talk about the intention, desires and boundaries of the session.


Emotional empowerment therapy   

Approx 2 hours   Price 700kr.

We use a mixture of hypnotherapy, clairvoyance, and energy manipulation through both the energetic body and the physical, to achieve and promote a state of inner recognition of one's own innate emotional power. We assist in recognizing the tools one is already carrying and oftentimes mistaking for heavy dreadful weight.

We empower the will to take power and we require determination to move forward from our clients. We invite you to dare choosing happiness in this playground of lost and found. The process generally includes an hour of conversation and an hour of massage/bodywork that can oftentimes be split, so the client can embody the mental process before absorbing into the emotional and physical body through the massage process. .

Fernando started being held and nurtured by the world of mediums by the age of 15, initiated in raja yoga at 17, reiki at 18, shaktipat at 26, personal trainer at 30, siddha yoga at 34, psychedelics at 35 and certified as hypnotherapist at 40. Through his evergoing journey he encountered panic, psychosis, depression and all the wonderful subconscious messages that are ever screaming for growth and expansion. Got to find hypnotherapy as one of the most helping tools, and through the beauty of suicidal ideation gave space for the gift of mediumship to flourish. Thus he found this method to be the most efficient at this stage of his development, and looking forward to gather more knowledge and experience to develop it further to embrace everyone and every need.